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Kirkland and District Hospital
Kirkland & District Hospital  Kirkland & District Hospital

Est. Energy savings of 31%


  • Energy Audit
    • Inventory of Existing Building Equipment
    • Establish a Performance Baseline Utilizing Utility Data
    • Develop Recommendations for Energy Savings
    • Comprehensive Building Audit Report

Recommended Energy Efficiency Measures

  • Retrofit Existing Chillers with New Modular Units, with Integral VFD and Magnetic Bearings
  • Retrofit Existing Cooling Tower with a New Unit, Equipped with a VFD Fan
  • Retrofit Existing Heating Boilers with New High Efficiency Models
  • Replace Kitchen Make-up & Exhaust Fan Motors with New Motors with VFDs
  • Install VFDs on the Surgical Areas Make-Up Air Unit & Associated Exhaust Fan
  • Recover Heat Rejected by Chillers and Refrigeration Walk-In Equipment
  • Pre-heat Make-up Air with Heat Recovered from Building Exhaust
  • Install High Efficiency Motors
  • Replace DCW Booster System with a New Unit, Equipped with a VFD
  • Provide a New DDC System to Include All Major Building Services Components
  • Lighting Retrofit
  • Implement a Set-Back/Set-Forward Temperature Policy